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Fast Casual Dining with a Southern Kick
Kid Chefs

Over the pat 35 years, our owner Gus "the boss" as we like to call him, has opened over 20 restaurants in the Carolinas and Tennessee. He builds his concepts after his own family meals and has dedicated his time to making great food for his customers at the best prices. 

The boss is not a business-driven man but a family-driven man with a business. He is an enthusiastic cook who realized his potential and went after what he wanted. After experimenting with different concepts and growing in success, he finally realized his favorite concept was brilliantly simple: Classic foods made with love, the real fat we love to hate, and meals that leave us with a happy stomach. 


In 2020, he allowed his daughter & son-in-law to buy into the business. 

Dixie's menu is tasty and simple. No fancy burger tricks here. Everything you can pronounce. This is home cookin' goodness that brings us back to childhood. Fried Chicken, Good Ol' burgers, Classic Shakes & always friendly service. 

Let's take it back to the good ol' days where everything was served with a smile and the smell of Sunday dinner. 
We hope to see you soon! 

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